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I have known Anne for nearly seven years and have received a lot of positive feedback from the parents whose infants come to see me for physiotherapy intervention. Over the years, she has provided an excellent program to help develop and stimulate the overall development of infants. With her extensive experience and professional background of psycho motor therapy she has been both very knowledgeable and supportive towards the needs of infants. I would highly recommend this program to anyone with infants between 6 weeks and 1 year old.


- Liesbeth Krebbers,

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Anne Knecht-Boyer is a qualified Germany-trained PEKiP instructor as well as the leader of this educational programme in Hong Kong. Qualified in infant massage, psychomotor skills and special education, she has more than 20 years of experience working with infants in Europe, Canada and Asia.


In her professional career, Anne has obtained a number of recognized qualifications and credentials, together with the necessary field experience.


Born in Montreal of Canada, Anne obtained her degrees in Special Education as well as Psychomotorskill Therapy from Montreal University in 1980. After graduation, she moved to Vancouver B.C, where she taught in a French immersion programme for five years.

Subsequently, she traveled to Switzerland, where her credentials were recognized by the Swiss Association for Psychomotor Skills Therapists, and worked there as a psychomotor skills therapist with a Swiss public school. During this period, the birth of her eldest daughter triggered her interest to find out how a child developed from head to toe. She then registered her three-month old daughter for the PEKiP program in Zurich.


Since 1990, she relocated to Hong Kong with her family and the birth of her second child made her realize how much she missed the PEKiP program she had in Zurich. Intrigued by the PEKiP methodology, she decided to travel to PEKiP’s home base in Germany and pursue a group-leader training course. After completing many seminar and hands-on sessions, she finally graduated with a PEKIP instructor Certificate in Germany in 1998.


Shortly after, she returned to Hong Kong and started her own PEKiP program, running15 to 20 classes every week, which has garnered growing popularity with local parents since.


Anne is also the author of the best-selling book, Baby Fun: Games and Activities to Promote Your Baby's Mental, Physical and Social Development,” which is currently available in 13 languages.


Anne has recently attained new qualifications in 2013:


Accredited play therapy training level 1 and Rhythmic Movement training level 1 (primitive reflexes)



To join a PEKIP class, call Anne at (852) 2573-6623 or



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