I have never seen a happier group of babies or mothers so totally enthralled in their infants.

- Elaine King, SCMP reporter


I Love PEKiP

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Dear Anne,


Thank you so much for providing Jonathan with such a great learning environment. We both really enjoyed coming to PEKiP every week... We're really going to miss it :(. And thank you for being such an amazing teacher. I really appreciate the care and attention you gave to Jonathan as well to the other babies.


All the best,

Jonathan & Vanessa

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Dear Anne,


Just a note to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills and time with us. We have thoroughly enjoyed PEKiP... Hopefully see you when we are blessed with another baby. Take care!



Baby Shahan, Shaline & Mohan

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Thank you for superb PEKiP sessions this Spring. Plum and I enjoyed the sessions very much and I wish we discovered you earlier. More than other programmes for your babies, I feel that PEKiP respects the babies. You do no underestimate their ability to be aware, to understand and participate.


You took time to get to know Pluam (and all her classmates), and your studio was so comfortable and elegant. The other mummies and I agree that we are a little bit sad our babies have now graduated. We hope to see you again in the not-too-distant future!


All the best.


Yours sincerely,

Jenna & Plum (10 1/2 months)


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July 2010


Dear Anne,


You may remember us - we came to Pekip for both our children Tane (2006) and Carys (2009). Earlier this year, Carys was diagnosed with a cancer called neuroblastoma. It is a very aggressive cancer that can present in many different ways. In Carys's case, she was totally without symptoms, and it was only from our nightly baby massage that I noticed something unusual. With something as life changing as cancer, the memory of that first suspicion that something was wrong is still crystal clear. It was in fact during one of the massages that I learned at Pekip - the moon around the sun - that I felt a small lump in her belly. 2 days later, we were at the paediatrician, and straight on to Queen Mary hospital.


You can read about our story at our blog http://carysjadeparkinson.blogspot.com/ From the time I first felt the lump to when treatment started (about 3 weeks) the tumour was visible as a bulge on the left side of her abdomen. That's how fast it was growing. When I reflect on everything that has happened, I feel I really must thank you for teaching me the moon over the sun. Without that early detection, the diagnosis would have come much later, and possibly required more aggressive treatment.


So from me, Ian, Tane and Carys, a very heartfelt thankyou Anne! 

warmest regards,

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I just want to let you know that I had written about PEKIP in my Kiddie Treasures blog where I try to write a review and recommend to other mommies about things that have helped made my being a parent a lot easier and more fun... The blog is shared to all my Facebook friends (mommies and mommies-to-be!)...


Singwa Lim, Director


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January 2009

As first-time parents, Michelle and I started your class with a nervous mind. After a few sessions, we all became more relaxed and saw amazing improvements and capabilities in Mason. Thank you very much for the warm and enjoyable environment you have created for us! We are recommending your class to every couple we know.

Best wishes Sen, Michelle and Mason


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June 2008

 Thank you so much for teaching your wonderful class! I've learned so much about Max and his wonderful personality from your creative exercises and baby massage time. Your classes have been one of the main reasons why I'm glad we moved to Hong Kong! Max, Tod and I will miss you and look forward to do PEKIP again with our next baby!

Sandra, Tod and Max


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April 2008

I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed the PEKIP classes both with Max and Hans. I really believe our children’s current grasp of motor skills and mental capacity is a result of them attending PEKiP classes. I'm a huge fan of both you and PEKIP!

Rozanne, Max and Hans


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May 2000


I would not be exaggerating to say that attending one of these classes with a new baby could just about revolutionise the first year with your baby if you are a new mother…From a mother's point of view PEKIP gives her an opportunity to observe her baby while doing various activities under careful supervision. Mothers are taught about their baby's new motor skill developments, all in a social and pleasant environment at various locations around Hong Kong… I have never seen a happier group of babies or mothers so totally enthralled in their infants. From chortles of delight to squeals of frustration while trying to reach that just out-of-reach treasure, the hour and a half, which sounds like a rather long time, seemed to fly.

Elaine King, Sunday Morning Post


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The idea of PEKIP is really new and helpful for a new mother like me. First, the class gives babies an enjoyable social activity. It's not easy to gather 5 to 6 babies of a similar age. Second, although most mothers should have read a number of books about babies, you help us make our acquired knowledge practical. Third, through playing games, we know more about the development of our babies and can help them out from the learning frustration. Fourth, the idea of the babies playing naked is the most interesting part of the class and my favorite because they really gain more sense of their body movement. Before, I was really worried about "accidents" but your encouraging attitude made me feel much more relaxed. Our son is going to be nine months old. We miss PEKIP so much - it is an experience I want to share with every new mother whom I know. Thank you very much.

Freda, a Chinese working mom


When my son was three months old, I heard about PEKIP from some other mothers who raved about the class and Anne in particular. Since I work full-time, I asked Anne whether I could enroll my nanny and son. She asked me to attend the first session, and I found it so interesting that I worked out an arrangement with my boss to go into the office late every other week so I could attend more often. I learned how to better observe and respond to my son, and loved watching him amongst other babies. As a first-time mom I also enjoyed making friends with other moms who were going through similar experiences. My son crawled and walked early and is a strong, active boy now. I highly recommend PEKIP to all my friends and will definitely go again with my second child!

Joanna, a Chinese working mom


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It was a bit strange at first seeing all these naked babies, but I love it. It has helped me relax and realize that my baby isn't as fragile as I thought and it has done wonders for my relationship with my baby. I now make time every day to have special time with my three-month-old baby and I know how to do this rather than just present him with toys. I have also learnt things like when my baby wiggles his fingers and toes this means he is thinking, being stimulated.

Julie, a full-time mom


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We learned things that you would never think to do at home - simple things that turned out to be a great delight for our child. Like Anne showed us how to take a cotton work glove and sew different colored ribbons on the tip of each finger. That was Diego's favorite toy until he was five months old!

Angie, a full-time mom



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